CSCI-UA.0480.003 iOS Programming

1) As a first step, you should register with Apple to become a Registered iPhone Developer:   dev

Choose the Free Plan since we have created an Educational Developer Account that you can join which will give you the benefits of a paid account.


2) If you wish to develop applications on your own Intel Mac, once you have registered you may download XCode and the iPhone SDK:    sdk

3) Also, after you have registered, you may download Apple's "Getting Started" documentation and Videos:

Swift Resources:


nib2obj - Reveals code in xib/nib files

Basic online iPhone Mockup

Xcode 6.01
(including both Objective-C and Swift.)

Apple's iOS Human Interface Guidelines

TUAW Story on Submitting First App to Apple

iPhone 4 GUI PSD (Retina Display) * iPhone 5 GUI PSD * iPhone 5 iOS 6 GUI PSD

New! Apple's Secure Coding Guide

Wikipedia Info:

Video of Tom Love on the creation of Objective-C