Class Progress

This page tracks the class, giving a description of the lecture, associated reading, and any homework assigned that day. Class demos will be posted here too.

Date Topics Covered Reading Demos Homework/Handouts
Tues, Sept. 2 Class basics; eclipse setup; a first program; string input and output; Chap. 1 0902 HW0 , Due Friday Sept. 5 by 11:55 PM
Thurs, Sept. 4 Variables and their sizes, positive and negative integers, base 2 arithmetic. Chap. 2 0904 HW1 , Due Thursday Sept. 11 by 11:55 PM
Tues, Sept. 9 booleans, characters and Ascii/Unicode, if and if/else statements, ternary operator Chap. 3,
part of Chap. 4
Thurs, Sept. 11 nested if/else statements; switch statement; while and do/while loops; sentinels; more of Chap. 3; start Chap. 5 0911 Examples HW2 , Due Thursday Sept. 18 by 11:55 PM
Tues, Sept. 16 short-circuit evaluation; more while examples; random numbers More of Chap. 4 and 5 0915 Examples
Thurs, Sept. 18 for loops (forwards and backwards); algorithm for converting binary to decimal, String methods: charAt and length more of Chap. 4 and 5 0918 Examples
Tues, Sept. 23 nested for loops; testing for primes; methods (call stack, activation record, formal parameters, arguments) finish Chap. 5, start Chap. 6 0923 HW3 , Due Tuesday Sept. 30 by 11:55 PM
Thurs, Sept. 25 Method overloading; one dimensional Arrays (declaring, initializing, getting space for, proessing, passing to methods) Chap. 7 0925 HowToZIpYourHW
Tues, Sept. 30 passing arrays to and from methods, copying array, circular shift example Chap. 7 0930 HW4 , Due Saturday Oct. 4 by 11:55 PM
Thurs, Oct. 2 reversing an array (both copying and in -place), linear search for element in array Chap. 7 1002 ListOfTopics
Tues, Oct. 7 review of previous homework: formatted printing, finding digits of an integer using % and integer divide, counting random numbers formatted printing is in Chap. 3 1007
Thurs, Oct. 9 First Test
You can bring 1 page (8.5 by 11,two-sided) of notes
Tues, Oct. 14 No Class - Fall Holiday
Thurs, Oct. 16 Go over test1. Binary Search, Selection Sort Finish Chap. 7 See next class demos HW5 , Due Thursday Oct. 23 by 11:55 PM
Javadoc Info
Tues, Oct. 21 javadoc, finish selection sort, bubble sort, using (static) methods from other Classes. 1021
Thurs, Oct. 23 2D arrays; Objects. Chap. 8, Start Chap. 9 1023 HW6 , Due Thursday Oct. 30 by 11:55 PM
How to Install Processing
Tues, Oct. 28 reference variables for objects, instance variables, static variables, invoking object methods with '.', getter and setter methods, private/public attributes, use of `this'. Chap. 9
Thurs, Oct. 30 Processing demo,
Quiz 1 on sorting algs. and 2d arrays
(includes ball examples and Prof. Klukowska examples)
HW7 , Due Sat. Nov. 8 by 11:55 PM
Tues, Nov. 4 Processing: mouse input, keyboard input, use of 'this' to interact with other classes; go over quiz; arrays of objects. Finish chap. 9 1104
Processing tutorial examples from web
Due date: extended until Monday, Nov. 10, with 3 day late period ending Nov. 13th..
Thurs, Nov. 4 Use of classes in other classes, arrays of objects, anonymous objects, toString method, Chap. 10 Will be posted next Tuesday (still in progress)
Tues, Nov. 11 Calling toString methods, immutable classes (accessors, mutators), Wrapper classes, boxing/unboxing. Finish remnants of 9 and 10 (up to 10.6) 1111
Complex and Polynomial classes
Thurs, Nov. 13 Quiz 2 on objects
Tues, Nov. 18 Go over quiz; ArrayLists, Start Inheritance, the "is-a" relationship, use of 'super' Chap. 11 HW8
Thurs, Nov. 20 Enum, Arraylist, enhanced for, inheritance examples, polymorphism. more of Chap. 11
Tues, Nov. 25 Finish and review inheritance; Odds and Ends: use of final, protected, overriding vs. overloading, @Override, .equals method, instance of, casting of objects, precedence of dot over casting. Checkpoint questions p. 426 in text. Begin stack example, Finish chap. 11 1125 HW8 late deadline extended until 12/4.
Thurs, Nov. 27 Thanksgiving Holiday
Tues, Dec. 2 Exceptions: declaring them, throwing them, try/catch blocks, re-throwing them. Chap. 12 1202
Thurs, Dec. 4 Making your own exceptions, Abstract classes, Interfaces. Chap. 13 hw9
Tues, Dec. 9 Comparable interface, Cloneable interface, shallow vs. deep copies. finish chap. 13 1209 ListOfAdditionalTopics
(still in progress; may be added to)
Thurs, Dec. 11 (Last class) Recursion
Final Exam
Tues. Dec. 16
** 8:00-9:50 AM ** room 101 (same classroom)