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GA.2246-001: Fall 2014
Lecture 19/8
Lecture 29/15
Lecture 39/22
Lecture 49/29
Lecture 510/6
Lecture 610/20
Lecture 811/3
Lecture 911/10
Lecture 1011/17
Lecture 1111/24
Lecture 1212/1
Lecture 1312/8
Final:  12/10

Jeffrey Korn
Office: Warren Weaver Room 328
Office Hour:  Monday 6:30pm - 7:10pm
Monday 9:00pm - 9:20pm
or by appt.
Office Phone: (212) 998-3081
Class Info
When: Mondays, 7:10PM - 9PM
Where: Warren Weaver Room 102

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Shancong Fu
Office Hour: Tues 5:30-6:30PM WWH 13th fl. Lounge

Liang Fang
Office Hour: Thurs 5-6PM WWH 13th fl. Lounge

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