Class Progress

This page tracks the class, giving a description of the lecture, the associated reading, and any homework assigned that day.

Date Topics Covered Reading Demos Homework/Handouts
Tues, Sept. 3 Eclipse, a first program Chap. 1 pp. 16-28 Hello examples HW0 Due Sept. 5 by 11:55 PM
Thurs, Sept. 5 variables, sizes and ranges, binary, neg. integers first half chap. 2
Tues, Sept. 10 Ascii and Unicode, character representation, convert chars to integers, Scanner input finish chap. 2; start chap. 3 0910 Examples GradingCriteria.pdf
HW1 Due Tues. Sept. 17 by 11:55 PM
Thurs, Sept. 12 if statements, boolean expressions, relational/comparison operators, error checking ex. chap. 3 0912 examples
Tues, Sept. 17 dangling else, nested else if, switch statement, boolean expressions and De Morgan's Law, ++,--,+=, and ? operators Start chap. 4 0917 examples HW2 Due Tues. Sept. 24 by 11:55 PM
Thurs, Sept. 19 while loops, for loops, break/continue finish chap. 4. 0919 examples HW2Revised Due Tues. Sept. 24 by 11:55 PM (has 2 more question)
Tues, Sept. 24 alg. for finding number of digits; methods. Read chap. 5 0924 examples HW3 Due Tues. Oct. 1 by 11:55PM
Thurs, Sept. 26 formatted printing, do-while statements; one-dimensional arrays and reference variables Read chap. 6 (through 6.8) 0926 examples
Tues, Oct. 1 call by value; modifying arrays
Thurs, Oct. 3 reversing array, converting binary to decimal 1003 examples ListOfTopics for Test 1
Tues, Oct. 8 Test 1 Covers through 6.8 in Liang text
Thurs, Oct. 10 Linear and binary search; Selection sort (also insertion sort, time permitting, otherwise read about it in Liang). End of chap. 6 1010 examples HW4 Due Thurs. Oct. 17 by 11:55PM
Tues, Oct. 15
Fall break (no class)
Thurs, Oct. 17 Go over test; 2D arrays. Chap. 7 1017 examples HW5 Due Thurs. Oct. 24 by 11:55PM
Tues, Oct. 22 Discuss hw4, hw5. Start Objects Chap. 8 1022 examples
Thurs, Oct. 24 objects, static variables and methods, arrays of objects, toString method. Start processing demo Chap. 8 1024 examples ProcessingInstall.pdf
Tues, Oct. 29 Finish Processing demo, use of 'this', passing instance variables to methods in other classes; review object terminology. 1029 examples HW6 (Revised) Due Sat. Nov. 9 by 11:55PM
Thurs, Oct. 31 Merging homework more Processing, writing our own Points class 1031 examples
Tues, Nov. 5 More processing demos; more on use of 'this'; rewrite DrawPoints using Objects; Wrapper classes and autoboxing Chap. 10 1105 examples
Thurs, Nov. 7 Wrapper classes in java libraries; .equals and .compareTo methods; 2nd use of `this' in constructor; Stack Example; 1107 examples
Tues, Nov 12 review of input args to main; UML; Finish stack class, unit testing, start paren example using stacks. ListOfTopics for Test 2
Thurs, Nov. 14 Finish paren example using stacks; Demo of string input args. and use of parseInt; String and StringBuffer class Chap. 9 11.12-14 examples
Tues, Nov. 19 Test 2 Covers 6.8 through Chap. 10
(skip GUI sec. in Chap. 8)
HW7 Due Tues. Nov. 26 by 11:55PM
HW7 zip files
Thurs, Nov. 21 Inheritance: superclass and subclassses; overriding methods, use of 'super'; the Object class Chap. 11 through 11.6 1121 examples
Tues, Nov. 26 Return and go over Test 2 (answers on NYU Classes); show Stack and Arraylist/Vector from java class library automatically adjusting capacity; enhanced for loop; start use of enum, javadoc 1128 examples
Thurs, Nov. 28
Thanksgiving Holiday (no class)
Tues, Dec. 3 polymorphism, dynamic binding, method overriding, .equals method, ArrayLists. Finish chap. 11 1203 examples HW8 Due Sun. Dec. 15 by 11:55PM
HW8 zip files
command line Processing instructions (from sec08)
Thurs, Dec. 5 Abstract Classes (as in HW8); Exceptions, try/catch blocks, making your own exceptions Chap. 15 beginning; Chap. 14 1205 examples (Exceptions)
Tues, Dec. 10 Finally clause (after try/catch blocks); Interfaces, Comparable interface Finish Chap. 15
Thurs, Dec. 12
Last class
More on Interfaces, Cloneable interface, use of .equals in ArrayList cntains method,(Book ex.), defining your own interface (Measurable example), a few listener interface demos 1212 examples List Of Additional Topics for Final
Tues, Dec. 17 Final Exam Final Exam scheduled for: 8:00 - 9:50 AM, Room 101