As a student of New York University and a resident of New York City, there are many resources available to help you succeed in this course and make the learning process enjoyable!


Starting on Tuesday, September 10, Chrissie, Katelyn, Morgan, and Travis will be available at the Fourth Street Academic Technology Center, located at 35 West 4th Street on the second floor. They will be down the hallway to the right at the following times.

  • Monday: 1:00–4:00 (Katelyn), 3:00–6:00 (Chrissie), 5:00–9:00 (Travis)
  • Tuesday: 2:00–6:30 (Morgan)
  • Wednesday: 3:00–5:30 (Chrissie), 5:30–9:00 (Morgan)
  • Thursday: 1:00–3:00 (Morgan), 1:30–4:30 (Katelyn), 6:00–9:00 (Travis)
  • Friday: 12:00–4:00 (Katelyn), 2:30–7:00 (Chrissie), 4:00–7:00 (Travis)

Additional Selected Resources

Free, open source, cross-platform software for recording and editing sounds

Center for Urban Pedagogy
Nonprofit organization that uses the power of design and art to improve civic engagement

Creative Commons
Nonprofit organization that enables the sharing and use of creativity and knowledge through free legal tools

GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program)
Freely distributed software for such tasks as photo retouching, image composition, and image authoring

History of the WWW
Helpful resource suggested by Jamie Brown and Ms. Wales’ Science Tutor Group

The League of Moveable Type
A foundry and hand-picked collection of open source Web typography

Off Book
Web-original series from PBS Arts that explores diverse art forms supported by online communities

Free, open source text editor for MS Windows that supports several languages

NYPL Digital Gallery
Provides free and open access to over 800,000 images digitized from the New York Public Library's vast collections

Professional layout and publishing software, released for free under the GNU General Public License

Free text editor for Mac OS X

A Timeline of the History of the World Wide Web
Key dates, browsers, technologies and ideas

W3C Markup Validation Service
Check the markup (HTML, XHTML, etc.) of Web documents

Free tutorials in all Web development technologies