All assignments—including attachments—should be submitted via NYU Classes. See here for instructions.

Assignments that you turn in should be your own work. It’s fine to talk to other students and to get assistance in how to do something, but you should not ask another person to do the work for you. For reference, here is the Computer Science Department’s statement on academic integrity.

It is important not to get behind in turning in assignments. If you do get behind, we still want you to do the assignment; it is better to turn in a late assignment than to skip it. However, late assignments are penalized as follows: 10% during the first week late, 20% during the second week late, and 30% during the third week after the due date. Homework will not be accepted past the third week after its assigned due date without prior permission. Likewise, no assignments will be accepted after the final exam.

Assignment 1


Assignment date: Tuesday, September 10
Due date: Tuesday, September 17

Assignment 2


Assignment date: Tuesday, September 17
Due date: Tuesday, September 24

Assignment 3


Assignment date: Tuesday, September 24
Due date: Tuesday, October 1

Assignment 4


Assignment date: Tuesday, October 1
Due date: Tuesday, October 8

Assignment 5

Responsive Web Design

Assignment date: Tuesday, October 22
Due date: Tuesday, October 29

Assignment 6


Assignment date: Tuesday, October 29
Due date: Tuesday, November 5

Assignment 7


Assignment date: Thursday, November 7
Due date: Tuesday, November 19

Assignment 8


Assignment date: Tuesday, November 19
Due date: Tuesday, December 3

Assignment 9


Assignment date: Tuesday, December 3
Due date: Tuesday, December 10