Principles Readings

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Web Design Ideas

Typeface Lecture

Helvetica vs. Arial

Helvetica - the Film

Helvetica background from Slate

Components and Processors

PC Tech Guide to basic microchip CPU architecture, and history of Intel chips

WiFi - IEEE 802.11 a, b, g

Discussion of different PC and Telephone standards

"The Journey Inside"

Intel's guide to computers

History of Computer Science

This History of Computer Science was created in 1996 by the IEEE ( Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.)

A History of the Internet 1962-1992

A concise history of the Internet presented by the Computer Museum of Mountain View, California

A History of Personal Computing

A history of PCs from the Computer Museum of America, San Diego, California

How Bits and Bytes Work

How Ram Works

How Rom Works

From the "How Stuff Works" Series