CSCI-UA.0004 - Intro to Web Design & Computer Principles - Fall, 2013
Assignment # 7 - Dreamweaver (30 points)
Nathan Hull - Due: Wednesday, November 27th


1) In this assignment, you will create a complete web site. Since you already have a file named index.html, you will replace it with this assignment. From your new index.html (which is really this assignment) you should also link to your assignment page (assignments.html) that links to your other assignments. (You should thus have links on your index.html file to assignments.html which in turn links to assignments 4 and 5, the Photoshop file from assignment 1, the PDF file from assignment 2 and all forthcoming assignments.)

Contents of your site:

2) Use our HTML authoring tool ( DreamWeaver ) to create a new web site, of at least eight pages that make up a complete site upon a unifying topic.

  • Make a web site that people will want to visit and read. Make certain your site has interesting information in it; that it is well organized and easy to navigate; and that it is artistically pleasing.
  • It should all be based around a single subject - one of your choosing! Remember, you are publishing not only for this class, but for the whole world to see!
  • 3) From the technical standpoint, here are required elements

    Try to use the Web Authoring Tool as much as possible.

    To submit: