Artificial Intelligence

Davi Geiger

Graduate Division

Computer Science

Classes are schedule Wednesdays 7:10 pm to 9:00 pm, at CIWW 312.

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Davi Geiger's Office Hours and Location: Wednesday at 5:00 pm, 719 Broadway Room 1221

TA: Kshitij Bansal, e-mail:
Office Hours and Location: TBD

Books: Recommended but not Required

"Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach." (Latest Edition) by Stuart Russel and Peter Norvig

Course Structure: theory and software-applications homework. Students are encouraged to cooperate, but produce their own software.

Preferred Programming Language: MatLab.

1. Search, Heuristics and Adversarial Search (Games)



2. Learning Decision Trees



Check your e-mail for homework 1, if you registered in the e-mail list, or write to professor geiger at cs to ask for it.

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