Data Structures Help

Professor Evan Korth

Clinical Associate Professor
Computer Science Department
Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences
New York University

Email (add korth
251 Mercer Street, Room 319
New York City, 10012
Tel.: 212-998-3301


Max Sklar (email (add med592) is the IA for our class. In addition to running the recitation, he holds office hours.


TBD (email (add TBD) is our E-tutor. If you have any questions about the material or a homework assignment, you can email him.

Your professor

Your professor has scheduled office hours. If you have questions about the course material, you should drop by his office. If you cannot attend the scheduled office hours, feel free to make an appointment with your professor. If at any time you are falling behind or are overwhelmed by the material contact your professor.