Introduction to Computer Science I

CSCI-UA.0101 Fall 2012

Professor: Samuel Marateck

Reaching Samuel Marateck

Office Hours for Samuel Marateck


Sec 004 (MARATECK) (T/R 11:00-12:15) room 101 WWH

If you do not do the homework programs, you cannot pass the course. If home work is late, 1 point (25%) is deducted. After one week of lateness, home work will not be accepted.

The CS Minor

Help with homeworks and course

We are fortunate to have Jedidiah E Borovik, Max Mosley and Raphael Sofaer to help you with your programs in this course. They will be available to help students at 14 Washington Place (at the room in the back of the lab). Jedidiah E Borovik ( will be there at the following times: Max Mosely ( will be there at the following times: and Raphael Sofaer ( will be there at the following times:

Students can get help via email to the etutor. The etutors are there to give help as well as to grade. Also, ITS consultants should be available at most times.

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    Course Materials (click text link for text description and downloads)

    Class programs and daily pages in text and preliminary notes, etc.

    Introductory Information

    Selected Swing Classes


    You should only submit your homework once, except for resubmitting it once to improve your grade.

    The Towers of Hanoi

    Diagram of Recursive method

    Supplementary material from textbook"

    PowerPoint presentations for Liang's text

    Sample Questions for Midterm

    Sample Questions for Final