Intro to Computers & Programming
Fall 2012


Very very brief overview of "hardware"

Programming Challenge 1

Programming Challenge 2

The Design of efficient Algorithms

Basic Formatting in Python

Some Examples of if and while

More examples of if and while

Calculating pi by "counting raindrops"!

Outline for Sieve of Aristophanes

Sieve Code

Debugging the "remove" issue in the sieve program - To view, set the "quality" to HD on the youtube player.

More about the Sieve ...

A Matrix Addition Function that Doesn’t Exactly Work ....

Setup for saddle point problem

Dumb Eight Queens Algorithm with nested loops - Code Outline

Memoized Fibonacci

Introduction to Turtle Graphics

Basic File Operations

Scrabble Word List

Six Letter Scrabble Word List

Code for Scrabble 6-letter word dictionary

Shortest path problem

Dumb Eight Queens Code

Video for Dumb Eight Queens Code