Syllabus CSCI-UA.0002: Introduction to Computers and Programming

Fall 2012

Instructor: Samuel Marateck, Room 423, Warren Weaver Hall. Phone number: (212) 998-3146, and e-mail address: Office hours are: office hours

Whenever you have a question about the course material, Please feel free to drop by during my office hours or make an appointment for some other time.

Course materials:

We will cover chapters one through seven and parts of chapter eight.

Main Topics that will be covered

Email Protocol When ever you send email, your last name must appear in the FROM part of the heading. Any mail that is sent to me with an alias instead of your last name in the FROM part will not be answered. Also, please capitalize words where appropriate. For instance, don't write something like "i will not be able to come to class tomorrow". Email messages written with out the proper capitalization are hard to read and consequently annoying. Instead please write "I will not ...".

General course information
The homework will consist of programming assignments. They must be done on the computer. Ten points will be deducted for each class day late, with a possible maximum of 30 points being deducted. If you do not submit the programs, you cannot pass the course. Please submit the program to the etutor as indicated on the class programs link If you will be writing programs at 14 Wash. Place or Tisch Hall, please buy a few high-density disks, all programs must be saved on a disk and backed-up on another disk. There will be one (possibly two) midterms and a final. The first midterm for the MON-WED class will be . The final date will be announced. Your grade will be 40 percent midterm(s) plus 40 percent final plus 20 percent homework.

Sam Marateck
7/11 10:12:58 EST 2012