Where to read in the text. Proposed schedule

>No class
Date for class programsPages in text
class 1 Introduction, Chapter 1
class 2Chapter 2, input p34, for loops p52
class 3for loops continued, counters p54, summing p58
class 4 for loops continued, factorials p57
class 5 if pp47-51, and or pp43-46, ord chr p85
class 6 ord chr p85
class 7 factorials pp57; while pp54-56; functions pp66-68
class 8 functions continued, using a main function p72
class 9 preparation for exam I
class 10 preparation for exam II
class 11 No class
class 12 No class
class 13 String indexing and functions pp82-82,p92
slicing strings pp87-89
class 14 main function p72, parameter pp66,67
importing modules pp78,79
class 15 Hurricane
class 16 Hurricane
class 17 Generating random words
class 18 playing craps, lists pp105-106
class 19 passing lists as parameters, central limit theorem
class 20 recursion
class 21 towers of hanoi, reading web pages p139
class 22 preparation for 2nd exam