Data Structures: Midterm Exam

The mid-term exam will be given during the class period on Thursday October 13. It will be closed book and closed notes. No electronic devices are allowed. Please have nothing on your desk except pen or pencil and the test materials.

The test will cover all the material of the course up through and including hash tables (notes on lectures 1-7). I will only ask about material that I have covered in class. I will not ask about anything that is in the textbook that I did not cover in class.

The students in the honors section take the same exam as those in the non-honors section.

In problems that ask you to write Java code, I will not deduct points for trivial syntactic errors. I will not ask about the Java library classes. I will not ask about access control and visibility (public, private, and protected). You are, of course, expected to know the basic features of Java statements and methods.

Specifically, the topics on the test include:

If for any reason it is impossible for you to take the exam on the 13th, please if at all possible let me know about this in advance.

It is important to use good test-taking strategy. Spend a couple of minutes looking over the exam, decide which problems you find easy, and do those first. For instance, in the sample example, problem 1 is almost certainly one of the most time-consuming, so you probably don't want to do it first. The answers do not have to be in order in your answer booklet.

Be sure to put your name on the exam booklet. You may keep the exam sheet, if you wish.