Intro. to Computer Science

CSCI-UA 0101-004
Monday and Wednesday, 9:30 - 10:45
Room WWH 101
Professor Marsha Berger

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Lectures/Corresponding Text Chapters/Homework

Class Date Subject Chapter in Text Notes/HW
Sept. 7 Course Intro, a first java program, eclipse demo Chap. 1
Sept. 12 Primitive variables; Binary rep. of integers (pos. and neg.);
Keyboard input
Chap. 2
Sept. 14 More operators (e.g. ++, +=); Floating pt. numbers/rounding;
ComputeChange as a Greedy Algorithms
Finish chap. 2 (my version) ;
HW: exercise 2.17, 3.23 via LiveLab
Sept. 19 types char and boolean, Unicode and hexadecimal, if/else statement Chap. 3
Sept. 21 boolean operators, switch, "?" operator, while loops Chap. 4
HW: Programming exercises 4.9, 4.13, 4.33
Written Homework
Sept. 26 do while, for loops, break/continue Chap. 4
Sept. 28 nested loops, formatted printing Chap. 4
Oct. 3 methods, functions, call stack, scope of variables Chap. 5
HW: Programming exercises 5.5, 5.21, ExtraCredit: 5-27.Due Monday Oct. 10
Oct. 5 1 dimensional arrays, declaring vs. getting memory for arrays, reference variables Chap. 6 Added Programming exercise 6.7 to HW, also due Monday.
Oct. 10 No Class (Columbus Day) BUT homework due Monday before midnight
Oct. 12 Test covers Chap. 1-6 up to p. 114
Oct. 17 Ken Perlin covered some basic graphics, colors, ... see his class web site ... Intro to CS: Section 3
Oct. 19 ... and applets ... also class examples and BufferedApplet class in zip file
HW 5 due Friday Oct. 28
Oct. 24 Return Midterms (answers here) , start objects Chap. 8 (circle Example, rectangle Example)
Oct. 26 More on classes, instance vs. static, public vs. private; 'this' operator; testing objects for equality Chap. 8, Chap. 10 (more using circle Example, rectangle Example)
Oct. 31 More on applets, classes, equality testing for objects, key presses and mouse click examples (from Ken Perlin)
Nov. 2 getter and setter methods, Complex number class, toString method
Nov. 7 Sorting and Searching Finish Chap. 6
Nov. 9 Two-dimensional arrays. New use of 'this' in constructor. Chap. 7 Previous HW deadline extended.
Nov. 14 Inheritance, two uses of 'super' Chap. 11
hw7.pdf (on 2d arrays)
Nov. 16 Interfaces, abstract classes, polymorphism Chap. 14
Nov. 21 More on interfaces, java comparable interface.
hw8.pdf (on 2d arrays)
Nov. 23 Thanksgiving Holiday
Nov. 28 Exceptions Chap. 13
Nov. 30 Creating your own exceptions. Started GUIS
Dec. 5 GUIs - frame, panels, layouts, components, paintComponent method Chap. 12, 15
Dec. 7 Event drive programming, listeners, radio and checkbox examples Chap. 16
Dec. 12 Recursion Chap. 20
Dec. 14 Finish recursion (Towers of Hanoi, in; Review
Final Program due date postponed until Saturday.
Dec. 19 Final Exam
8:-9:50 AM, Room 101,WWH