Introduction to Computer Science
(V22.0101) 2010-11 Fall—Allan Gottlieb



Please follow these guidelines, produced by Tadashi Hirata, the TA for compilers during 2006-07 spring. As indicated in the guidelines, please include the following as the Subject: of your message Intro1-lab#-lastname, where # is replaced by the number of the lab and lastName is your last name in lower case. Please send only the source and documentation (e.g., README) files packaged as one tar, tar.gz, or zip file. This file should be an attachment to the email message. Thank you.

Lab 4 is available. It is due 13 December 2010.

Lab 3 is available. It is due 29 November 2010.

Lab 2 is available.

Lab 1 is available.

Lecture Notes

These notes are being produced during the current semester and are revised when errors or improvements are found.

Other Resources

  1. Publisher's web site
  2. Companion web site

Midterm Exam

The midterm will be in class monday 25 October, 2010. Here is a practice midterm.

The answers are here.

Final Exam

The final exam will be during finals week. Specifically it will be in Room 101 WWH on Monday 20 December at 2pm.

Office Hours: Mon 1:15-1:50, Wed 3:30-4:50, and by email appt

In addition to my office hours above, you can meet with Anagha Ashok Pande <>, the tutor/e-tutor for this class. Anagha is reading the mailing list and may respond to questions there and also via the direct email addr above. In addition, Ashok will be in room 328 WWH the following 5 hours each week for office hours. Feel free to drop by with questions, no appointment is necessary. On Mondays and Tuesdays the hours are 1-2:30; on Wednesdays and Thursdays the hour is 11-12.

Homework Solutions (password required)

Teaching Assistant

Your labs should be sent via email to the TA, Radhesh Gupta <>.

Policy on academic integrity

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