Lecture schedule and notes

Date Topic
Sep 7 Course overview and introduction (lect1.pdf)
Sep 14 Processor architecture, Single processor performance (lect2.pdf)
Sep 21 Shared Memory Models and
Sep 28 ...Intro. to OpenMP (lect3-4.pdf)
Oct 5 HW1 Discussion, Intro. to GPUs (lect5.pdf)
Oct 12 GPU Programming (lect6.pdf)
Oct 19 More on GPU Programming (lect7.pdf)
Oct 26 Distributed Memory - MPI (lect8.pdf)
Nov 2 Distributed Memory - MPI (cont.) (lect9.pdf)
Nov 9 Parallel Patterns (lect10.pdf)
Nov 16 Parallel Patterns (cont.) (lect11.pdf)
( HW3 Solutions)
Nov 23 Partitioning and Load Balancing (lect12.pdf)
Nov 30 Things of Interest (Debuggers and Other Tools) (lect13.pdf)
(A summary of the demos can be found here; video did not survive the crash)
Dec 7 No Class (replaced by Dec 14 class)
Dec 14 Final Project Presentations: Part I
Note: NYU runs on Thurs. schedule, but class meets anyhow.
Dec 21 Final Project Presentations: Part II
(This is the scheduled Final Exam period)