V22.0436 - Prof. Grishman

Assignment 7:   MIPS Single-Cycle Processor

Using Logisim, build a complete single-clock-cycle-per-instruction MIPS processor as described in section 4.4 of the text.

1.  Download the zip file RegFile.zip, which contains  contains a pre-built Register File and subcircuits used by the register file;  unzip it into a folder that you create just for this assignment.

2.  Into the same folder, put a copy of the file (with a .circ extension) containing the ALU that you built and of the file containing the Control circuits you built.

3. Run Logisim and load the libraries you need

When you start Logisim, you will need to load the following libraries:

register_file: Click “Project>Load Library>Logisim Library…” and specify the file “register_file.circ” in the folder into which you saved it in step 1.

ALU, Control: Click ““Project>Load Library>Logisim Library…” and specify the file containing your ALU and Control circuits.

4.  Construct the simple single-cycle MIPS processor described in section 4.4 of the text (Figure 4.17), using the register file provided.  Use a Logisim ROM for the instruction memory and a Logisim RAM for the data memory (64 32-bit words for each should be sufficient).  Keep in mind that a 64-word memory needs 6 bits of address input;  you will use bits 2 through 7 of the byte address.  You may want to create additional subcircuits, such as for the sign extension and shift 2, to keep your main circuit manageable.  The provided register file uses the master clock of Logisim;  you need to connect the PC and data memory to the master clock.

5.  After you have built the processor, first test it on individual instructions by initializiing one word of data memory and one word of instruction memory.  Then try it on two full programs we have provided.

Due Tuesday, November 24th.

You should aim to have your machine working on individual instructions by Nov. 19th, allowing the final weekend to getting it to run on full programs.

Mail your homework to  grishman@cs.nyu.edu and mark the mail CompArch -- Asgn 7.  Please include as attachments all the circuit files needed (including those we provided) and your test data.  These may be sent as separate attachments or a single zip file.

For extra credit, modify the processor to use a single memory which holds both programs and data.  Modify the test programs accordingly and submit them with the assignment.

The register file

The register_file circuit has the following external connections:

Register File
write enable

read sel0 (5 bits)

read data0 (32 bits)
read sel1 (5 bits)

write sel (5 bits)

read data1 (32 bits)
write data (32 bits)