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Sana' Odeh
Clinical Associate Professor
Computer Science Department
Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences
New York University

Email: odeh (AT) courant (DOT) nyu (DOT) edu
Office: 251 Mercer Street, Room 321 :: New York City, 10012 :: Tel.: 212-998-3118

Course Information:

About the Course:

This course will provide students with a concrete knowledge of game design and programming for the World Wide Web. Students will create their own interactive games using popular web technologies such as JavaScript and Python.

Prerequisites: V22.0004 (or professor's permission) and one semester of programming in JAVA, C, or equivalent programming experience. 4 Points

Course overview:

Foundation of Game design and programming: We will also explore and analyze elements of game design, interface, interactivity, play strategy, and technology used in popular games for the web.

Game Interactivity and Interface:
Students learn to build an intuitive, friendly and interactive graphical user Interface (GUI) for games using object-oriented techniques used in JavaScript and Python. We will use JavaScript Document Object Model (DOM) to manipulate image, form, and window and document objects and build games with different level of play and strategy. We will also use DOM to integrate graphics and sound to create fun and interactive games. Cookies will be used to store and list scores from flat files on UNIX accounts (
Using Python, students will learn to use pygame, integrate sound and graphics to create full functioning fun games. Students will learn to use File IO to read and store players scores into a file and then use sort algorithm to sort and list score (highest to lowest) from previous players in the browser.

Group projects:
Students are required to work in groups to produce two groups’ projects
Two Games: One game will be developed in JavaScript and the second game will be developed using Python. The group projects are an opportunity for students to experience Game development while working within a group, similar to the way projects are created in the real world. Each team will create a fully functioning game for the web that employs a clean design, intuitive graphical interface, and technical functionality.

Students are required to produce two groups projects for this class and they will be judged based on the following:

Help: Whenever you have a question about the course material, please feel free to drop by during my office hours or write me an email message. If at any time you feel that you are falling behind or are overwhelmed by the material, let me know: I will be very happy to help you.

Exams and Projects:

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