SCHEDULE - Introduction to Computers and Programming - Fall 2009 - section 2

Class Date Topic
Class Programs

Class Lectures
1 Sept 9   Introduction
2 Sept 14 FirstProg1.html, FirstProg2.html, FirstProg3.html, FirstProg4.html First Java Program
3 Sept 16 See Supplemental Course Materials (Netbeans / BlueJ IDE) notes on the syllabus  
4 Sept 21 see program in slide presentation, Addition.html Variables
5 Sept 23 Even.html, IntLong.html, Average.html, Casting.html, InaccurateDouble.html Mathematical Operators
6 Sept 28 Char.html, CharInput.html char
7 Sept 30 DivMod.html, ReverseDigits.html, BoolTest.html, Bouncer1.html, Bouncer2.html, Bouncer3.html, Bouncer4.html selection statements: if
8 Oct 5 Conditional.html, Bouncer5.html, Bouncer6.html, Bouncer7.html, Bouncer8.html, TruthTables.html, Craps.html more if, logical operators, switch, style
9 Oct 7 Char.html, CharInput.html, PrePost.html, While1.html, While2.html, While3.html, PowerOfTwoOver1000.html, Average.html char, while
10 Oct 12 Average2.html, Analysis.html, DoWhileTest.html indefinite loops, do / while
11 Oct 14 For1.html, For2.html, For3.html, Alphabet.html, HighestExamScore.html for loops
12 Oct 19 Break.html, Continue.html, LetterGrades.html, MidtermFall2004_Q1.txt, Midterm1Sample2_Q5.txt break, continue
13 Oct 21 MidtermFall2004_Q2.txt, MidtermSpring2009_Q1.txt
Midterm1Sample1_Q2.txt, Midterm1Sample1_Q3.txt, Midterm1Sample1_Q4.txt, Midterm1Sample1_Q5.txt
Sample on the web (question 3 not covered yet; question #2 has not been covered, but its worth trying to see if you can do it -- I will not ask questions which require nesting loops):
Midterm1Sample2_Q1.txt, Midterm1Sample2_Q2.txt, Midterm1Sample2_Q3.txt, Midterm1Sample2_Q4.txt, Midterm1Sample2_Q5.txt
14 Oct 26 midterm exam
15 Oct 28 NestedFor1.html, NestedFor2.html, NestedFor3.html, MultiplicationTables.html, Pattern1.html, Pattern2.html, Pattern3.html nested for loops
16 Nov 2 UsingSqrt.html, TestingRoundingMethods.html, SquareIntegers.html methods
17 Nov 4 TestMathsRandom.html, TestMathsRandomInteger.html, RandomIntegers.html, RollDie.html Math.random()
18 Nov 9 ReturningVoid.html, MyMax2.html, MyMax3.html, NoParameters.html, Conversions.html, PrintStarsProgram.html user defined methods
19 Nov 11 BartSimpsonOverloaded.html, MyMaxOverloaded.html, TestMethodOverloading.html, TestSwap.html, Superman.html, MyMath.html user defined methods (cont)
20 Nov 16 PrintCalendar.txt  
21 Nov 18 Midterm2Sample1_Q1.txt, Midterm2Sample1_Q2.txt, Midterm2Sample1_Q3.txt Midterm2Sample1_Q4.txt, Midterm2Sample1_Q5.txt, CucamongaTax.txt
Sample on web
midterm2sample2_Q1.txt, midterm2sample2_Q2.txt, midterm2sample2_Q3.txt, midterm2sample2_Q4.txt, midterm2sample2_Q5.txt
22 Nov 23 MIDTERM #2
23 Nov 25 Optional session: Introduction to Object Oriented Programming in Java
24 Nov 30 Array1.html, Array2.html, Array3.html Arrays 1
25 Dec 2 Histogram.html, AssignGrade.html, RollDie.html, StudentPoll.html, PrintArray.html, TestPassArray.html Arrays 2
26 Dec 7 MakeHot.html, TestCopyArray1.html, TestCopyArray2.html, TestCopyArray3.html, CommandLine.html
Run these three programs together:
Deviation.html, RandomCharacter.html, CountLettersInArray.html
Arrays 3
27 Dec 9 Concatenation1.html, Concatenation2.html, CharTest.html, StringLengthCharAt.html, TestPrintVertical.html, TestWordPerLine.html, TestGetMonth.html Strings
28 Dec 14 LastTwoDigitsArray.txt, InpOut.txt Target.txt, CellFiller.txt, Primes.txt, FirstOccurrence.txt, Palindrome.txt, SumNTo2N.txt, ParseDate.txt  

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