There will be no textbooks. However, I will assign research papers for some lectures. Hopefully, scribe notes will also be available with little delay. Another great resource are the notes from the last edition of this class: check HERE.

Please consult Lecture Summaries for a brief description of each lecture.

In case some lecture is related to a paper which I would like you to read, below you can find bibliography data such papers, roughly relevant to a given lecture number. If a paper is available online, I will give a link to a paper. A paper marked by ``+'' indicates that I strongly recommend you to read, or at least skim, this paper (hopefully, before the class!); a paper marked with ``?'' indicates that it might be useful to look over the paper, but it is not necessary to read it in detail. A paper marked by ``x'' indicates that I only included the paper for your reference, but do NOT recommend you to read it. Whenever possible, online link will be provided.

Last modified: September 8, 2009