We will study standard topics such as

As a special side-tipic, when applicable, we will try to mention state-of-the-art results concerning key exposure protection. In particular, we will see conditions under which various primitives we study are ``leakage-resilient''. This will include one-way functions, id schemes, signature schemes and encryption schemes.

Note, the topics will be related but different from previous versions of the course, since we will try to emphasize state-of-the-art and too many things happenned in the last few years! So you can take this course even if you have taken one of the previous versions of this course.

Although basic knowledge of cryptography will be assumed, the course will be accessible to master and PhD students with minimal cryptographic background. We especially encourage math students to take the course, even without potentially taking the basic cryptography course.

Last modified: December 17, 2009