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Sana' Odeh
Clinical Associate Professor
Computer Science Department
Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences
New York University

Email: odeh (AT) cs (DOT) nyu (DOT) edu
Office: 251 Mercer Street, Room 321 :: New York City, 10012 :: Tel.: 212-998-3118

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The Web Development and Programming course provides concrete knowledge in popular web technologies and programming. Students develop interactive, secure, and powerful E-commerce projects for the Web. The course will cover client and server side technologies for the Web. Topics covered are foundations of Web, JavaScript, PHP, Server technologies, and XML technologies. Students are required to work in groups to produce a final project.  The final group project is an opportunity for students to experience Web Development while working within a group, similar to the way projects are created in the real world.  Each team will create a fully functioning E-commerce (Website) project that employs a clean design, intuitive graphical interface, technical functionality with the following features: login, register, search, list, sort, order, store information in a database.
Prerequisite: Prerequisites: V22.0004 (Computers in Principle & Practice I) and one semester of programming in JAVA, C, or equivalent programming experience. 4 Points

Topics covered are:

  • Foundations of the Web: The course begins with an overview of the foundations of the internet and the web. We will provide an overview of the history of the Internet and web, security, DNS, HTTP, client-server communications, and a quick review of XHTML, CSS and UNIX.
  • JavaScript: JavaScript is a semi-object-oriented scripting language for creating dynamic and interactive content for the world wide web. We will write javascript programs to validate forms, performs a browser check, and create cookies. We will also use the Document and Browser Object model (DOM) to manipulates frames, images, text and cascading style information to create dynamic websites.
  • PHP: PHP is a popular method to create interactive e-commerce websites. The class covers PHP programming including pattern matching & regular expressions, and file manipulations. Students develop interactive, secure and powerful e-commerce sites for the web.
  • Server installation and configuration: The course provides an overview of popular server applications, server installation, and configuration. We will focus on the Apache server which is the most popular and secure server used today. Students learn to access Apache server data and logs.
  • Server Side Includes (SSI): We will learn to use SSI to create private website which require authentication and manipulating of environmental variables.
  • XML Technologies: eXtensible Markup Language (XML) is a powerful technology used to describe and format data for the web. We will learn to write xml documents for the web, validate xml documents using DTD technology, and finally use CSS and XSL to display and process XML data for the web.

Help: Whenever you have a question about the course material, please feel free to drop by during my office hours or write me an email message. If at any time you feel that you are falling behind or are overwhelmed by the material, let me know: I will be very happy to help you.

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