Lecture schedule and notes

Date Topic
Sep 2 Overview of serial performance
Sep 9 serial performance (cont)
Sep 16 serial performance (cont). 
Overview of Parallel Processing
Sep 23 Parallel processing overview (cont)
Sep 30 MPI Programming
Oct 7 MPI Programming
Oct 14 No classes scheduled
Oct 21 GPU programming with CUDA (special lecture by Denis Zorin)
Oct 28 Embarrassingly parallel, master-slave, divide and conquer, and other programming paradigms.
Nov 4 OpenMP programming
Nov 11 OpenMP programming
Nov 18 Immersed Interface Modeling with OpenMP (Guest lecture by Dave McQueen)
Nov 25 Load balancing
Dec 2 UPC and intro to sparse linear algebra
Dec 9 More sparse linear algebra. Start final project presentations.