Course Information

Course Description

This is a beginning graduate-level class in mathematical logic with motivation provided by applications in Computer Science. Topics include: propositional and first-order logic; soundness, completeness, and compactness of first-order logic; first-order theories; undecidability and Godel's incompleteness theorem; and an introduction to other logics such as second-order and temporal logic.


The prerequisite is analysis of algorithms or consent of instructor. Note that the pace of the course will require students with a significant level of mathematical sophistication. They should be especially familiar with sets, functions, proofs, and abstract reasoning.


Enderton, Herbert B. A Mathematical Introduction to Logic, Second Edition.


Monday 7:00-8:50pm in room 317 of Warren Weaver Hall.


Final grades will be based on the following:

40% Weekly Assignments
30% Midterm Exam
30% Final

Academic Integrity

Please review the
departmental academic integrity policy. In this course, you are encouraged to work together on the assignments. However, any help you receive must be clearly explained. Also, you should consult the instructor before using materials or code other than that provided in class. Copying without giving appropriate acknowledgement is a serious offense with consequences ranging from no credit to potential expulsion.