V22.0004 Computers in Principle and Practice
New York University: Fall, 2007

Assignment #1

Assignment Instructions || What to Submit || Style Sheets || Creating a PDF file

Assignment #1

Using Microsoft Word, create a one-page document about yourself! You may write about your interests, your computer experience, your career aspirations, your family. However, you must include the following technical elements:

Here is an example using a document about the famous composer & lyricist team, Gilbert & Sullivan.

In addition, you should use styles in this report as follows:

Your assignment will be graded on how accurately you use all of these features.

2. What to submit: (Your instructor will go over this in class):

STUFF or ZIP the following four files together to send to your grader's email address:

    1. The original Word document
    2. The pdf printout of the document
    3. The pdf printout of the style sheet
    4. The pdf printout of the style screenshot

You can download free software to STUFF or ZIP files at: http://www.nyu.edu/its/software/#file

3. How to Print out the Style Sheet and Screen Shot

1. To print out the style sheet, select FILE:PRINT, and then in the dialogue box, choose "Microsoft Word" and in the box below it choose "STYLES" rather than "DOCUMENT".

2. Also, print a picture of the screen showing the first page of your document along with the text and styles. (This picture should include the left-hand column containing the style names which requires the document to be in normal view in the VIEW menu.)

- To do this on the Mac: Have the Word document open so it is displayed on the screen. Hold down the keys Command + Shift + 4 and a small cross-bar (looking like a plus sign or + will appear). Then, hold down the Control key and drag the plus sign out to highlight the part of your screen containing the Word document. This places a picture of your screen in the clipboard. Now, you can open a new document in Word and then select "paste" from the edit menu to paste the screenshot inside the Word document. Print this page from Word.

- To do this on the PC: Have the Word document open so it is displayed on the screen. Press the PRINT SCREEN button (usually on the upper-right-hand corner of the keyboard). This will place a picture of your screen on the clipboard. Then go back to Word and start a new page or a new document. Select EDIT then PASTE and a picture of your screen should appear. Print this page.

4. PDF Files: How to Create a PDF document from your report in Word on the Mac

1 Open the report in Word X on the Macintosh.
2 Select FILE / PRINT
3 Select "Save as PDF" (which is a button on the bottom of the Print window). When you are prompted for the "Save As:" file name, be sure to use a suffix of PDF.