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Digital Art
The Whitney Museum of American Art (Madison Avenue & 75th Street) - ArtPort
Working with Text & Graphics
Working with text and graphics: Medieval European Illuminated Manuscripts - The Hastings Hours - publication by Pomegranate Press
To see some wonderful Medieval manuscripts with many good examples of integration of text and images, see the collection at the Metropolitan Museum branch at The Cloisters
Page Layout
Operating Systems
GUI (graphical user interface) Command Line (text interface)
Mac OS Mac Unix
Microsoft Windows DOS
X-windowing systems (gimp) Unix - class notes and a tutorial
Linux "desktops" , "Red Hat" Linux (like Unix; runs on a PC)
Machine Translation
Using computing (Artificial Intelligence) to translate from one natural language to another: Babelfish (developed by Systran) and further information from the American Association for Artifical Intelligence on machine translation
More work with digital images
Web Design
Concepts and Examples in Web Design; topics on color theory
Working in a multi-lingual environement: Part I
Working with diacrtical markings in HTML (non-English characters) - a selection of languages and a poem by Charles Baudelaire in French using entity codes
Working in a multi-lingual environement: Part II
Unicode Home page and the code charts
Working with video
Using meta-tags
Software for creating sound-clips: See WavePad ( as one example of software one can use to create "clips" of your sound files. Additional multimedia software and tools are available in the MultiMedia Lab.
Spreadsheet Practice
Weather Data from NASA ; the Consumer Price Index, some World Health Organization statistics; datasets used for teaching statistics and Major League baseball stats - for practice with Excel
Flash Exercise
Exercise: click here to view our movie ... (or download the complete Flash file)
E-literature organization; Beehive: Definitions by Jon Fried and Landscapes by Bill Marsh

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