Homework Assignment #6. For MW class, assigned MON NOV 19, due MON NOV 26 11:59pm
Assignment #6. For TH class, assigned TUE NOV 20, due TUE NOV 27 11:59pm

Use the random number generator in a Java program to simulate the dealing of N cards to a player, where N is generated by (int)(4*Math.random() + 1), i.e., it varies from 1 to 4. Your program should print the score where an ace is worth one point, the face cards worth 10 points and the rest worth their card value. The assignment will focus on the use of Math.random(), for loops and switch statements. MW class can use Prog4 on Nov 12 and TH class can use Prog4 on Nov 8 in writing their program.

Example run when N is 4:

         Card #1         Card #2         Card #3        Card #4
         five            Ace             King           ten
         of              of              of             of
         Diamond         Club            Spade          Diamond
score is 26.        

Example run when N is 2:

         Card #1         Card #2  
         two             Jack
         of              of             
         Spade           Diamond        
score is 12.