V22.0002.001 Software download and Instructions

Instructions for installing the Java and the IDE (Netbeans - BlueJ edition)


Step 1: Install the Java Development Kit (JDK) from Sun:

Step 2: Install one of the following IDE: JCreator OR NetBeans (BlueJ Edition):



On Mac OS X systems, Java is already available so you do not need to install it.

  1. Install NetBeans - BlueJ Edition:

Note and Explanation:

NetBeans - BlueJ Edition is available from NetBeans.org. An "IDE" - Integrated Development Environment - is a program that makes it easier to type in Java code and to run the programs. An IDE does not contain the Java itself; that is available from Sun.

Click here for further information on this IDE and others.

Instructions for using the IDE: Netbeans - BlueJ edition

Getting Started: writing and running programs:

For a new project (and getting started):

Then to start programming:

Adding line numbers to your screen:

Writing programs:


Troubleshooting (General):

Troubleshooting (Mac):