Lecture Schedule


Lecture 1: Role of ICT in Developing Regions

Overview of Suggested Projects


Lecture 2: ICT, Development and Economics


Lecture 3: Low-cost Network Communications


Lecture 4: Role of Cellphones in ICT


Lecture 5: Role of Kiosks and Low-cost computing infrastructure


Lecture 6: ICT for Telemedicine and Healthcare Delivery


Lecture 7: ICT for Education, Distance Learning and Continuing Medical Education


Lecture 8: ICT for Microfinance and Rural Banking


Lecture 9: Role of the Web in Developing Regions


Lecture 10: ICT and Supply Chain Management


Lecture 11:  ICT and Agriculture


Lecture 12: Traffic Control


Lecture 13: User Interface and HCI Challenges


Lecture 14:  ICT and E-Governance


Lecture 15:  Project Presentations, Demos