Mid-Term Exam: Announcement

The mid-term exam will be given in class on Thursday Oct. 19. It will take the entire class hour. It is open book and open notes, but no computers.

The mid-term will cover the material presented in class to date:

State space search:

Game playing: Evaluation function, game tree, alpha-beta pruning (R&N pp. 161-171)

Propositional logic: (R&N 194-211, 215, 220-232, plus handouts)

First-order logic: Syntax, and use for expressing facts. (R&N chap 8 through section 8.2, handouts.) I will not ask about Datalog inference.

I will not ask about any material in the textbook that I have not discussed in lecture.

You should know the following algorithms well enough to be able to execute them in an exam problem:
Depth-first search, breadth-first search, iterative deepening, hill-climbing, alpha-beta pruning, conversion to CNF, Davis-Putnam algorithm.

You should understand the general structure of Random-restart but I would not ask you to execute it in an exam.