V22.0101 ......Homework Assignment 1 Draft #2 ...... Fall 2006
Binary Representation of Numbers

Assigned: WED, Sept 20.
First Version Due (by email to etutor): (Marateck) TUES, Sept 26, at midnight
Final Version Due (by email to etutor): 7 days after receiving comments from etutor

Rewrite your first draft so that a class called Binary stores the decimal number in the instance variable numVal and the binary string corresponding to numVal will be stored in the instance variable binStr. The value of the decimal number is passed by the driver class Hw1 to the constructor. The constructor has the heading public Binary(int num) and will assign num to numVal. . The class Binary will have the same two methods you have already written for draft #1. They now have the following form:

You can "hard-wire" the example numbers into the main method, or you can read them from the the keyboard using the JOptionPane class described in the text book (page 45). the simplest form to use for assigning input to a string, let's say number is String number = JOptionPane.showInputDialog("Type your decimal number");. If you use this approach, remember to end the main method with System.exit(0) otherwise the program will hang.