Paper Reading List

Evolution of the Internet [Lecture 1]

Naming and Addressing [Lecture 2]

Routing in the Internet World [Lecture 3]

Routing in Next-Generation networks: Wireless, P2P, Overlays [Lecture 4]

Other related (optional) readings:

IP and Overlay Multicast [Lecture 5]

Optional readings:

Congestion Control and QoS  [Lecture 6]

Optional readings:

File sharing and Content distribution in P2P Systems [Lecture 7]

Optional readings

Enhancing Internet Services using Overlays [Lecture 8]

Optional Readings

Overlay and P2P Systems (Security and Incentives) [Lecture 9]

Optional readings

Network Security: Firewalls, DoS, Secure Routing, Worms [Lecture 10]

Achieving High Throughput in Wireless Networks [Lecture 11]

Optional reading:

Wireless Networks: Long-distance, TCP issues and sensor networks [Lecture 12]