G22.2112 / G63.2043

Scientific Computing

Prof. Marsha Berger

Wed 5:10 p.m.-7:00 p.m.

Warren Weaver Hall, Room 1302

Basic Course Information:


This is a one semester graduate course covering the basics of practical scientific computing for mathematicians, computer scientists, physical scientists, and finance. Topics range from basic mathematical principles and algorithms of numerical analysis to practical issues of software reliability and performance on modern computers. Prerequisites: multivariate calculus, linear algebra, programming experience. The class will be expected to use both a higher level language and a visualization package such as Matlab.


Class communication will be on the NYU Blackboard system. Always check the MEssage board before starting homework for the latest corrections, hints, class discussion, etc. Use your netid to log on to the NYU Home site, then click "Academics", then "Scientific Computing" to get to the class site. Once there, click "COmmunication", Discussion Board" to get to the Message board.  Please post all questions and comments on the message board. Only email me for individual issues such as grading.


LECTURE NOTES: Principles of Scientific Computing
by Jonathan Goodman
(on-line notes, see below)
Scientific Computing, by Michael Heath
(will be in the 12th floor WWH library)
HOMEWORK:  The intent is to have a weekly programming assignments to complement the lectures, but the schedule invariably slips.
FINAL EXAM:  Wed. Dec. 20, 5-6:50PM, Room 1302
Tom Bringley,  email: bringley@cims.nyu.edu
WWH 1130,   (212) 998-3305,   Hours: immediately after class or drop by.
email: berger@cims.nyu.edu

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