PAC (and other) Announcements

Last updated: Thu May 12th, 11:00pm

Hope everyone had fun on the final.
As requested, I've posted the solutions for the two programming problems.

Homework (late) issues, contact your grader.

If I don't see you again, have a great summer
- and I mean this - I truly enjoyed teaching you.



Sun May 1 5:00pm

Another relaxation on the STL homework:
The removal of n loser in the transition from the hallway to the decision room doesn't make any sense to anything other a simple for look.
So you may.
In fact, whenever it appears at a simple "do this same activity this quantity of times" is appropriate, then a simple for loop would do.

Note that searching, copying the contents of a container to another (with or without an _if) and so forth (including reading the file - where you have consistent data records and might be able to overload the operator to do it's job) (don't try this first, of course!)
Do not create a container of a certain size to pass a fun ctor that does the job, completely ignoring the data in the container - no, for loop, yes.
(the container here would exists only to an STL algorithm to do something the number of time as there are things in the container!).

Sun May 1 5:00pm
Complete Petship homework is posted. along with the two preliminary homeworks.
Please be sure to have read through the problem specs so that we can discuss the design on Tuesday.

Fri Apr 29 5:30pm
Another allowed POL (plain old loop)
Working the number of rounds should be a for loop, of course - oops!
Also some other issues
See ADDENDUM at bottom of document
enum sample code adding in: code-and-notes-from-class/OO-containtment-already-done-spr11.html
other homeworks (preliminary) posted

Fri Apr 22 12:25am
Next homework is posted.

Wed Apr 20 12:15am
Reordered STL content
fixed/added-to/enhanced that darn page we looked at (some STL algorithms)

Wed Apr 13 12:30am
Notes on quicksort posted

Tue Apr 12 5:35pm
More pages are posted and hwS06 is posted

Fri Apr 8 1:35am
more on pointers to functions is posted, code enhanged and a "worksheet" that you could consider homework (prep) is posted.

Sat Apr 2 8:25pm
hwS05 linked lists is posted - the first part of the homework will be to read and understand the posted linked list code.

Sun Mar 26 7:25pm
The solution to the probme is now posted in the FAQ (grrr)..

Sun Mar 26 7:15pm
FAQ about printing does only printing and correct design thinking is posted

Sun Mar 26 7:00pm
More lines at the bottom of the spec to read.

Sun Mar 26 6:25pm
Additional info not what you CANNOT do is added to the bottom of the homework document.
Another Q and A has been added to the FAQs.

Sun Mar 26 5:25pm
Second data set has been corrected - again!
FAQs posted.

Sat Mar 25 5:35pm
Second data set has been corrected.

Thu Mar 10 10:35pm
Notes about BSS and the confusion about writing assembly and writing a compiler for a high level language to generate the assembly language is added to the code and notes from class link.

Wed Mar 9
"untested code" for FILE is now tested

Midterm will be Thursday, March 10 during class
I will offer it in the last 30 minutes and will lecture (or whatever it is I do) for the first portion of the class.
I am making it VERY (embarrassingly) easy.

Tue Mar 2 4:35pm
Midterm will be next week

Tue Feb 22 6:45am
OK, it seems that I did not make a mistake.
We did think about the PF in class.
So the FZ assignment stands.
Someone asked if you should use a specific input - that is a confusion.
The must be 8 bits of input into the circuit that sets the ZF, just as there we in the class example for PF.
There was an example used in class for the PF.
Do not solve examples.

Mon Feb 21 6:45pm
I goofed on the circuit you were supposed to work on (maybe).
It appears that we did the ZF (according to one source).
If we did, then the assignment is changed to the PF (parity flag).
If not, it's still the ZF.

Thu Feb 20, 6:30pm
hwS02 gates, is posted

Thu Feb 14, 10:45pm
Apologies for being behind in email responses.
Hopefully I'll be a few done before I have to leave now and get to the others tomorrow - which is a bit too late for some with the current homework.
(So you know what that probably means)
send me an email so that I can add you our personalPAC list.
There are some questions going around and I'm not sure that everyone is getting them.

Thu Feb 10, 10:35pm
hwS01 has been modified to state that the algorithm is to be chose randomly and that you must deal with files shorter than 33 bytes and those that have "leftover" types.
I also mentioned that a number to binary (std::string) function would be helpful and a few other things that came up in class.

Tue Feb 8, 11:15pm
As requested, hwS01 (using bit fields do to byte encryption) is posted

Mon Dec 20, 11:13pm
correction in mutable.cpp is posted.
Incorrect verbiage, correct code - the non-const data member IS constified under object constification.

Sat Dec 11, 10:30pm
FAQs for hwF09 are posted
Has anyone figured out which operator overload might be useful for searching?
(HINT: this is a hint!)

Wed Dec 8, 12:30pm
Modified post about sizeof now has vectors

Tue Dec 7, 10:45pm
PAC-vector-ONE.cpp has been modified/corrected

Tue Nov 22, 11:00pm
(and hwF08 is posted)

Sun Nov 21, 4:35pm
Another paragraph has been added to the weird little hybrid struct page

Sat Nov 20
hwNEVER7.5 is posted (see the homeworks page)

The weird little hybrid struct page had been MASSIVELY extended (and corrected)
Please read all the notes

Thu Nov 18, 11:20pm
code with too many notes from class tonight is posted

Tue Nov 16, 5:30pm
Another link about namespace is posted.

Sun Nov 14, 10:30pm
a struct link (very easy) is posted
a link for types of parameters is posted

Fri Nov 12, 2:30pm
hwF07 is posted

Tue Nov 9
The page about sting methods (THAT YOU SHOULD TRY NOT TO USE) has been enhanced, modified, and added to (appended! especially)..

Try to get the "and" and commas issue done WITHOUT using string methods.
That's a better challenge.
It's better to have an "ugly" string (with no commas and no and) than non-working code.

Don't even think about thinking about the money formatter until you gotten code working with everything else and even then only if you have a good 12 days to commit to this.
It's handled already by C++ locales and such - but as an exercise, thinking about this is good.

Sat Nov 5 4:55am
hw05 and hw06 are posted (due Tue)
[we begin having more homework, quicker, now that you are so much more adept at writing code]

Sun Oct 31 4:55pm
eoK (end of keyboard buffer) code posted

Sun Oct 31 12:25am
code and notes from class now has the namespace code from class

Sat Oct 30 11:55pm
sample solution to (part of) the digit fiddling problem is posted
under sample solutions and also now in code and notes from class

Thu Oct 28 4:53pm
Chart for test one is posted.

Mon Oct 25 1:38pm
no office hours on Tues (have to leave as soon as class is over)

Sun Oct 17 6:15pm
hwF03 (BRINY-U) has been modified, examples now match the specs and the due day is posted

Sat Oct 16 6:30pm
FAQ added to hwF04

Fri Oct 15 6:45pm
Document about electronic submissions is posted.
More code is posted
A new link for sample solutions is added

Thu Oct 14 6:15pm
hwF03 is posted (out of order, I know)

Wed Oct 13
due date for hwF04 has been extended to Tue Oct 19
- but ONLY if you use the time to study for the test

hwF04 has been revised, enhanced, corrected, and such
there's also a link abut the math - ONLY when you are done or can't figure it out should you read that page

Tue Oct 11, 5:40pm
Midterm (1) will be Tue Oct 19

Sun Oct 9, 7:00pm
Grading scheme has been revised to include a midterm
Texts and compilers page has been updated
Home page has been revised slightly

Tue Oct 5
hwF02 posted, due Thu
More added to Code and Notes

Thu Sep 30, Fri Oct 1
Jennifer has requested that you contact her directly a bout this.
A note of clarification has been posted about the relationship between PAC and the CS graduate school.

Wed Sep 22
hwF01 has been corrected.
The word "not" was missing but is not there.

Sun Sep 21
Class notes are posted.
topic group 1. is updated
hwF01 is posted

Sun Sep 19
The final exam date has been assigned for this course: Tue Dec 21, 7:10-9:00, our normal room.
Let me know if this is problematic.

Tue Sep 7

Please send me email at so that I can create my own mailing list for everyone.
There will also be a normal mailer service and I'll announce about that once it is going.