Computer Systems Organization I - Prof. Grishman

Quiz #2 Review Sheet

The second quiz of the course will be given on Tuesday, November 15th.  It is worth 15 points towards your final grade.

You will have all period for the quiz.  It is an open book quiz ... you may bring your textbook and any other written materials.  You may not exchange materials with anyone else during the quiz.

The quiz will primarily cover C programming, and in particular the aspects of C which are different from Java, and which we have emphasized over the last 3 weeks:

We may ask about static and automatic variables, and about static allocation vs. allocation on the stack or heap;  [P&P pp. 328-330, 504-508]

We may ask you how the stack is used by functions in C [P&P 385-394]

Finally, to test your long-term memory, we may ask about how a C statement would be translated into LC-3 assembler.