Computer Systems Organization I (Honors)

Prof. Ralph Grishman 
Tuesday / Thursday 2:00 - 3:15
Courant Institute / Warren Weaver 1302
Fall 2005

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E-tutor (and grader):  Andrew Montalenti (am1221@nyu.edu)

Course Text and Content:

The goal of Computer Systems Organization is to help you understand what's "under the hood".  This section will follow a new textbook,

Introduction to Computing Systems, from bits and gates to C and beyond
by Yale Patt and Sanjay Patel (McGraw-Hill, second ed., 2004)

which provides a comprehensive look at the levels of machine design through a study of logic, machine language, and the C language.

The evolving course syllabus is available here.

Grading for the course will be based on examinations and assignments.  There will be two (full-period) quizzes and a final exam, all open book;  two small assignments and one larger programming project in C, three programs in assembly language, and two 'pencil-and-paper' assignments (one on data representation, one on logic design).

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GCC -- Installing, Running, Debugging (prepared by Nishith Krishna)

Programs Written in Class

x86 Resources:

We will use the Dewar Assembler and Debugger to learn x86 assembler: