Computer Systems Organization I - Prof. Grishman

Final Exam Review Sheet

The final exam will be given on Tuesday, December 20th  from 2:00 to 3:50 in Room 513 Warren Weaver.

It is worth 25 points towards your final grade.

It is an open book exam... you may bring your textbook and any other written materials (e.g., notes, assignments)  You may not exchange materials with anyone else during the quiz.

The final exam is cumulative.  We have covered a lot of material in this course, involving logic, assembly language (LC-3 and X86), and C.  In particular, we have covered almost all of the Patt and Patel text, with a few exceptions (the internals of flip-flops (sec. 3.4.1 and 3.4.2), sequential logic circuits (sec. 3.6)).

First of all, there will be questions on topics since the second quiz:

logic design

and possible short-answer questions about

X86 programming

Stack Buffer Overflow Attacks

In addition, there will be questions on the older material ... at least one LC-3 program and one C program.  The C program will emphasize character IO; arrays and pointers, including strings and arrays of strings;  and allocation on the heap;  all things which you should have had a lot of practice with for your term project.