Honors Programming Languages
G22.3110 Fall 2005


This is a very rough outline.

Class Topic Reading
1 Intro, Imperative languages, Control Structures  
2 Types, Procedures, Parameter Passing  
3 Block Structure, Scoping, Modularization, Ada Packages  
4 Ada Exceptions, Ada Generics  
5 Concurrency, Ada Tasks, new Ada95 features  
6 Applicative/Declarative Languages, LISP, Scheme  
7 Scheme Programming Scheme Report
8 Scheme Programming  
9 Interpretation, Garbage Collection  
10 Lambda Calculus handout
11 Denotational and Operational Semantics handout
12 Functional Programming, ML  
13 ML programming  
14 Polymorphic type inference, unification handout
15 type inference, unification (cont). handout
16 Logic Programming, Prolog  
17 Prolog Programming, Unification revisited.  
18 Prolog Programming, Arithmetic, Cut  
19 Prolog Programming  
20 SETL SETL manual
21 SETL  
22 Object Oriented Languages  
23 Object Oriented Languages  
24 Object Oriented Languages  
25 Formal models of Object Oriented Languages Handout
26 Formal models of Object Oriented Languages (cont)  
  Final Exam: Wednesday, 12/21 at 2pm in 101WWH