Honors Programming Languages
G22.3110.03 Fall 2004

Ada Programming Assignment
Due Monday, October 10

Your assignment is to design and implement two reasonably simple parallel algorithms. Each of the two parts should be a provided as a generic package:
  1. Implement a parallel quicksort procedure. The size and type of the array being sorted should be supplied as generic parameters to the generic package (there will be other generic parameters as well). For example, the generic package should be able to be instantiated equally well for integers, floating point numbers, personnel records (which might be sorted by name, id number, etc), and so on.
  2. Implement a parallel matrix multiplication procedure, in which the sizes and types (etc.) of the matrices is parameterized.
Try to make each algorithm as parallel as possible. In order to test these generic packages, you should write a main procedure that performs both sorting and matrix multiplication on some data set that you create (note: If someone has created some test input, they are welcome to share it with the class by posting it to the class mailing list).

Please let me know if you have any questions, or feel that I've left too much unspecified.