Programming for the WWW Fall 2005

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Course: G22.3033-008
Instructor: Poelman

Class Abstract

This course is dedicated to the architecture and design approaches for building applications that use the World Wide Web technologies as part of their design. Strong emphasis is on using Java as a development language.

Topics include:




Object Oriented Analysis and Design


Design Patterns


Java - Sockets, File IO, Servlets, JSPs, JDBC, Threads, Network Programming and RMI




XML, SOAP and Web Services


HW Architectures - SMP, CMT, CMP, CC-NUMA, Clusters, MPP

You will write lots of Java code.

There are 6 homework assignments and 2 class exams.

Class meets:

Room WWH1302


Monday 7-9PM


Update Monday, December 19, 2005

bulletSlides for the final lecture

Previous Updates

bulletCorrect slides for lecture 11 posted
bulletFinal Monday Dec 12
bulletLecture 12 slides here
bulletHW#3 is DUE Monday Dec 5 at 5 PM EST
bulletAll homework is due before Dec 12 at 5PM EST NO EXCEPTIONS
bulletFinal is Dec 12 at 7PM-9PM
bulletLast Lecture is Dec 19th
bulletHW#4 is assigned
bulletMon Nov 28 Lecture 12 slides here here
bulletREMEMBER Nov 28th lecture is at NYU in the lecture hall NOT via the web.
bulletMonday Nov21st  Lecture WebEx recording here
bulletWednesday Nov 23 Lecture slides and audio are here
bulletLecture Slides for Lecture 10
bulletChanged the due dates for HW#2, HW#3 and HW#4 due to strike here
bulletLecture 10 will be a WebEx - see the email list for the info.
bulletLecture 9 code samples
bulletLecture 9 WEBEX recordings
bulletLecture changes due to GA Strike here
bulletWe will have an addition lecture, Wednesday, Nov 23rd. This will be a VIRTUAL LECTURE, see the class email list for details or the Lecture 9 slides for details
bulletLecture 9 slides
bulletHW#3 is assigned
bulletLecture 8 slides
bulletLecture 8 code samples
bulletLecture 7 Slides
bulletCode Samples 7 updated
bulletCode Sample 6 updated
bulletHW#2 is assigned
bulletLecture 6 slides posted
bulletLecture 5 slides posted
bulletUpdated the Tutor, TA, Grader info
bulletUpdated the Tutor, TA, Grader info
bullet Final Dec 12th (not last day of classes)
bulletCode Samples for Lecture 4 are available
bulletI have adjusted some of the homework dates (HW2, HW3 ,...) to give you more time/space them out
bulletPlease take a look at Swing in Java 5.0 may help you understanding and coding
bulletUpdate to the cheating Policy - helping a friend debug their code
bulletComplete single zip file with all HW#1 files posted here
bulletWe will NOT have a midterm exam. The grading has thus changed.
bulletThe final will be 50% of your grade and the homework 50%
bulletI have changed the point value and due date for HW#1 because of Columbus day and the size of the homework.
bulletUML Diagram quick tutorial
bulletUpdated HW#1 files
bulletLecture 4 slides
bulletLecture 3 slides
bulletHW#1 assigned due Oct 24th
bulletLecture 2 slides
bulletSubscribe to the Class Email list here
bulletFirst lecture slides 1 & 2
bulletSchedule and slides here
bulletClass meets in WWH1302
bulletPlease subscribe to the email list for this course TBD
bulletRevised HW #0
bulletUpdated Book  List
bulletFirst Day of Class - Sept 12, 05


Key Dates

bulletMidterm - NO MIDTERM
bulletFinal Dec 12th (not last day of classes)
What former students say:

"I am a student in your WWW programming class and it was the best class I've taken at NYU (I really do mean it). ... Thank you.
- student fall 04


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