Heuristic Problem Solving Fall 2004

Omniheurists 2004 (in alphabetical order):

With thanks to Prof. Dennis Shasha and all participants.

(Sep. 23) Mint

(Sep. 30) Wordsnakes

(Oct. 7) NoTipping

(Oct. 14) Ambulance Pickup problem

(Oct. 21) Voronoi Game

(Oct. 28) Adversarial Nanomunchers

(Nov. 4) Post Office Problem (Probablistic version)

(Nov. 11) Microarray DNA Selection

(Nov. 18) Choreography

(Dec. 2) Superply Game

(Dec. 9) Portfolio

(Dec. 14) Post Office Problem (Discrete version), Superply Algebra, and Nanomuncher Melee


David's Heurgame framework is an extensible framework written in Java. This is designed to build a multi-player battlefield used in the class. This framework was used in Voronoi, Nanomunchers, and Superply