V22.0004 Computers in Principle and Practice

Assignment 9 (Excel #3)

Assignment 9 -- Mailmerge

Your web page is now good enough that you want to let your friends and relatives know that it is there.

1)Make a "Contacts List," which is a database of a few friends and people that you know.

FirstName LastName Email Address1 Address2 City State Zip Phone Comment


Sana Odeh sana@nyu.edu NYU 251 Mercer New York NY 10012 998-3090 Instructor

2) Next, use the Mail Merge tool to make a form letter that you could send to a number of friends.

3) Then Merge the document to create the merged form letter, and print out two (only two) instances of the letter, to your first two friends.

4) Send the following three files as email attachments to grader email account:
  1. The Original Excel Data base which includes the macros and the toolbar
  2. The Word Form Letter
  3. The Word Merged Letters

For your convenience, here are the email addresses for assignment submission for the various sections: