V22.0004 Computers in Principle and Practice
New York University: Fall, 2004

Assignment #6: Dreamweaver

1) You already have several web pages from previous assignments, including index.html. In this assignment, you will create a complete web site that has as its root assign6.html. You should thus have links on your index.html file to assign3b.html, assign4.html assign5.html, and as well as the new assign6.html.

2) Use the HTML authoring tool we are studying in class (DreamWeaver) to create a new website, of at least six pages that make up a complete site upon a unifying topic.

3) From the technical standpoint, here are required elements that your web page should contain:

4) Upload assign6.html, all the HTML files and images associated with assignment 6 to your server directory "public_html". Make sure to test it in an Internet browser to make sure all of the images and links are working properly.

5) Update your index.html page and include a link from index.html to your assgn6.html file so that we can find your assignment!

6) Finally, email the grading account for your section to tell us that your page is ready for grading. The subject of your message should be "Assignment 6 " and the body should include both your name and the HTML address in the form:


For your convenience, here are the email addresses for assignment submission for the various sections:

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