V22.0004 Computers in Principle and Practice
New York University: Fall, 2004

Assignment #3b: HTML

Part One

You already have a web page, whose root is the file index.html in the public_html subdirectory of your i5 account.

1) Using TextEdit, SimpleText, Notepad, Word Pad, or a text processor of your choice (but not DreamWeaver, PageMill, Netscape Collaborator Composer or another WYSIWYG HTML editor!), create three web pages which are linked to each other. The first page should be called assign3b.html and the pages are all about YOU!! (11/08/04 Note: Pages written in Word and then saved using FILE / SAVE AS WEB PAGE will not be accepted!)

2) Since you have a web page already, you should NOT destroy your index.html home page. Just put a link somewhere NEAR THE TOP (where we can see it easily!) which points to assignment 3b.

3) Here is some information about the content for this assignment:

4) Here is a list of the elements you should include in these pages:

Hint: Make certain that you test your pages locally using Netscape, Safari, or Internet Explorer. Also, it will be easier if all of your HTML and gif files are in the same folder, and you use all lower case letters for the filenames.

5) Finally, upload your files (both the images and the HTML files) using Fugu or winscp or another SFTP client to the i5 UNIX server. Your files should go in the directory (i.e., sub-folder) called "public_html" on the UNIX server. Test your files using Netscape, Safari or Internet Explorer again once they are on the web server.

Part Two

Email the grading account for your section to tell us that your assignment is ready for grading. The subject of your message should be "Assignment 3b" and the body should include both your name and the HTML address/URL or your webppage in the form:

For your convenience, here are the email addresses for assignment submission for the various sections:

PDF Files: How to Create a PDF document from your Newsletter file in Word on the Mac

  1. Open the Newsletter file in Word X on the Macintosh.
  2. Select FILE / PRINT
  3. Select "Save as PDF" (which is a button on the bottom of the Print window). When you are prompted for the "Save As:" file name, be sure to use a suffix of PDF.