V22.0004 Computers in Principle and Practice
New York University: Fall 2004

Assignment 1

Using Microsoft Word, recreate the attached one-page document. The text for the document can be loaded from here, and the picture for the document is available below in "gif" format, or can be gotten in "bmp" format by clicking here.

Here is a hint on getting the picture "bmp" file from your browser:

Your assignment will be graded on how accurately you reproduce the original. You should be sure to match spacing between lines, style (boldface, italics, etc.), indentation, and reasonably close point size and margins. You should replace the obvious header fields with your own name and section and in the footer have Word insert the current date and time.

We are not asking you to find the specific fonts that we used; but again, to find something reasonably similar and to use a minimum of three different fonts.

One other thing that you do NOT have to copy precisely is the way in which words are broken at the end of a line (known as "word wrap") as this will in part reflect the fonts you select. Although the words in your copy of the paragraphs must be the same as in the original, there may be more or fewer words on each line. Note, however, that your output should ABSOLUTELY fit on one page!

Note that you MUST spell check the document, but you may assume that all proper names are spelled correctly!

Send your word document file via email:

You need to send this assignment by email as an attachment to your instructor. In addition, you need to submit a printout to your instructor in class.

Here are the email addresses for assignment submission for the various sections: