Introduction to Computers and Programming

V22.0002 - Fall, 2004

Instructions for using NetBeans IDE

NetBeans is available at the following URL:

The download page for the IDE is located at:

NetBeans is available for both Windows and Mac; we are using NetBeans IDE Release 3.5.1. When you select your download from the list under "English installers", be sure to select the version for your particular operating system (Mac OS X, Windows, etc )

Note for PC Users: If you prefer to download both JDK and NetBeans together, the link is at the option under the highlighted blue box, where you see Download
J2SE v 1.4.2_04 SDK with NetBeans 3.6 Bundle
, which downloads them together.

If you prefer to install JDK and NetBeans separately, first install JDK from and then install Net Beans from

Note for Mac OS X Users: You do not need to install JDK as it is included already in OS X; you only need NetBeans! Go to directly to the NetBeans download page; and select OS X. Note that your download file must have a suffix of .dmg ; some students have downloaded the file and found it with a suffix of only ".d"; once the file was renamed with a suffix of ".dmg", it installed successfully.

Getting Started: writing and running programs

New Template
Java Classes
Empty Java File

Name your file at the top of the screen.
Select the directory.

Adding line numbers to your screen:

Editor Settings
Java Editor
Set "Line Numbers" on and any other features you need

Writing your programs:

Troubleshooting (General):

Troubleshooting (Mac):