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Course: G22.3033-009

Instructor: Professor Poelman

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Class Abstract

This course is dedicated to the architecture and design approaches for building applications that use the World Wide Web technologies as part of its architecture. Strong emphasis is on using Java as a development language.

Topics include:




Object Oriented Programming


Java - Servlets, JSPs, JDBC, Threads, Network Programming and RMI


XML, SOAP and Web Services

You will write lots of Java code.

There are 6 homework assignments and 2 class exams.

Class meets: Mondays 7-9 PM in WWH 101

Update Sunday, December 12, 2004

bullet Slides for Lecture 12
bulletUpdate to slides for Lecture 11
bulletFinal Dec 20th 7PM EST WWH101 - Please bring your NYU ID to the final

Previous Updates

bulletSlides Lecture 11
bulletGrades have been removed from the website due to privacy concerns.
bullet Slides for Lecture 10
bulletHW4 (there will be no HW5) is assigned and due Dec 6th
bullet Slides for Lecture 9
bulletGrades for HW1 & HW2
bulletWe will review the midterm next lecture Nov 22nd


bulletMidterm Exam is Monday Nov 8
bulletGrades for HW#1
bulletLecture 8 slides and code samples
bulletHomework #3 assignment
bulletLecture 7 slides and code samples
bulletHomework lateness policy revision
bulletSchedule correction - Midterm is NOV 8 (not 9th
bulletLecture 6 slides
bulletLecture 5 slides
bulletSample Answers for HW#1 part 1
bulletCode Samples for lecture 4 
bulletCode Sample for lecture 3
bulletPart 2 of HW#1
bulletLecture 4  slides
bulletPart 1 of HW#1
bulletLecture 3 slides
bulletTA is Nikhil Sethi more info
bulletLecture 2 Slides 
bulletLecture 1 Slides Posted 
bulletHomework 0 Assigned
bulletClass meets: Mondays 7-9 PM in WWH 101 CHANGED
bulletPlease subscribe to the email list for this course


Key Dates

bulletMidterm is NOV 8
bullet1st day of class - Sept 13th

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