It's very important that you upgrade to the latest non-experimental version of Java.
[12/05/2004] Voronoi Applet in two flavors Recreational and Full
[11/28/2004] Voronoi Simplified, updated signed and is an applet
[11/08/2004] WARNING added, protocol altered
[10/20/2004] Minor scoring imbalance fixed version now 2.0.4
[10/19/2004] INCSTATUS (Incremental Status) now sent. Bug-fix release.
[10/17/2004] STATUS command now sent!
[10/16/2004] Two player version now implements fairness.

Voronoi Protocol
Random Player in Python
2 Random Players in Separate Threads in Python. If you want to simulate a slugfest, this would be a good start.
You need Heurgame.jar(at least version 1.0) and voronoi2.1-signed.jar The Server

Heurgame Framework contains the reusable objects and classes that compose most of Voronoi
Sockpuppet to help mediate Socket IO

Implementation Notes

Applet Version:

Give it a try: You need the Java Plug-in Unrestricted Applet Version
Please be patient with the applet. All button presses are received, just not always handled in a timely manner.

Running the Server

java -cp heurgame1.0.jar;voronoi2.1.jar voronoi2.Voronoi2Entry

Runs the Server on with a board 550x550 each player has 7 Turns and a total time usage of 2 minutes.

Customized Running

java -cp heurgame1.0.jar;voronoi2.1.jar server_hostname port


server_hostname - is the hostname that the server

port - valid open port for the server to attach

Ideas for the next implementation...

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